For MATs and International schools who are seeking to revolutionise how they share CPD best practice across their network, trusts and campuses

ReelLearning, our professional development learning platform, provides access to a library of over 100 best practice videos and allows you to upload your own video content

ReelLearning - the CPD platform

Our platform combines your own video content with our bank of over 150 best practice videos

We understand that you don’t necessarily want the world to see your content. Social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo encourage the mass distribution of content, but with organisation specific or commercially sensitive information there needs to be another way.
Combines video with online learning into a web-based training platform, meaning staff consume the sort of content that is effective, in a medium that they like. They can pause, repeat, and reflect as they go. Video provides a shared medium for everyone to observe and comment on the same content.
Enables staff to access best practice training at a time and place to suit them. Develops consistency, all users get access to the same content to reach best practice.
Education organisations that use video with their staff realise the benefits both in terms of engagement and the interest video generates over traditional training. Online increases retention rates by 25-60%, while personalisation makes it relevant to individuals.

Features you'll love

ReelLearning also integrates seamlessly with Moodle and Dochebo providing a powerful video tool or works as a standalone platform

You control access for your staff, students or customers, whether paid or free access.
Search videos, browse themes and subjects. Create playlists and favourite videos.
Create courses with linked videos and downloadable resources and monitor users' progress.
You monitor which videos are being played and track who is accessing what.

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